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Due to the inability of students to afford some books they need, they resort to photocopying them thinking that is the best solution.  In addition to being illegal and in violation of Jordanian intellectual property laws,  the practice of photocopying will in the long run only result in keeping the prices of many books higher than they should be. UBCC usually can get much better discounts from publishers on expensive books once there is a high demand for them and we buy them in larger quantities. We invariably pass these discounts to students making books more affordable.

Attempting more to provide students with responsible alternatives to photocopying, UBCC is launching a campaign to buy used textbooks from students and resell them at discounted prices.  If you have a book that you would like to sell, bring it to our main bookstore.  We will either put it on display to be sold, or we will give you cash instantly if there is already an existing demand for it.  Please note that we will only accept current editions of textbooks that are in good condition.




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