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UBCC continually strives to improve the services it renders to all those involved in the educational process, always to the benefit of its most important customer, the student.  Below is a summary of some of these services.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve our services, please fill the feedback form on this site.


UBCC is glad to help instructors in the book selection process.  If you are looking for a textbook to adopt for your class, we will be glad to recommend a book or a list of books that cover your class subject area, and for which we have negotiated a special price.  If your mind is set on one particular book, we will work with you to get a special price for that book from its publisher. 

Our bookstore has a large number of titles in a wide range of academic fields.  We encourage instructors to visit it and acquaint themselves with the textbooks available for them in their subject area. 

Once you decide to adopt a book and order it through us, we will do our best to supply you with all available resources for that book such as the instructor’s manual, the instructor’s CD-ROM and/or access to online resources. Please note that publishers sometimes require a minimum number of copies of a book to be ordered before they supply us with its instructor supplements.

Please email services@ubcc-jordan.com for help and inquiries.


UBCC has textbook supply agreements with several major universities in Jordan.  Each semester, these universities send us lists of book adoptions for their classes and the expected number of students who will be registering in each class.  We work diligently to achieve the objective of securing the largest number of required books in sufficient quantities and at reasonable cost to students.  You can help us to meet that objective by sending us your order information as early and accurate as possible.

We provide, as our agreements often stipulate, university departments with free instructor copies, usually to the tune of one copy for every 35 we sell.  Whenever a department needs more instructor copies than the ones we provide under agreement, we encourage the allocation of departmental funds for that purpose, and we are willing to offer special discounts on these copies.

We will be glad to serve the textbook needs of new universities, colleges and institutions.  Please contact us at services@ubcc-jordan.com  if you have any questions about supplying your institution with textbooks.


We are ready to supply the library of your university or institution with books at prices well below their list or publisher prices.  For new libraries, we can suggest ways to use the allocated budget to maximize the quantity and quality of the initial collection of books and references.

We periodically send librarians lists of new arrivals in different areas and disciplines, and special offers we have on books in our stock.  Please email services@ubcc-jordan.com to be added to our librarians contact list, or for any related inquiries.


If you own a bookstore and would like to buy some of our books, please email us at ordering@ubcc-jordan.com.  We may be able to provide you with information about titles that are used by educational institutions in your vicinity, and are therefore more likely to sell in your bookstore. We can also discuss the possibility and terms of having our books on display in your store. 


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