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UBCC directly operates the following branches:

·         UBCC Bookstore (University of Jordan First Investment Building)

·         University of Jordan Branch ( inside the Graduate Studies Faculty Building)

·         Jordan University of Science and Technology Branch (next to the Student Union by the courts)

·         Hashemite University Branch (Faculty of Student Affairs)

·         Yarmouk University Branch (Faculty of Student Affairs)

·         New York Institute of Technology Branch (inside the Graduate Campus by the sixth circle)

Please note that you may not be able to visit a branch unless you are a student in the university where that branch is located. However, you will have no problem visiting our bookstore which is located outside university campus. We offer the same prices in all our branches.

Below is a listing of some of the bookstores that carry books supplied by UBCC:

·         Amman National University Bookshop (Supplies Unit Building)

·         Three Season Bookshop (Petra University Shopping Center)

·         Alam Al-Kitab Al-Hadith (Irbid)

·         Dar Wa’el (in front of the North Gate of the University of Jordan)

·         Dar Yazeed for Student Services (Mu’tah University)



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